lunes, 23 de marzo de 2009

Cuba y el Grupo de Río

El Consejo de Asuntos Hemisféricos (COHA) ha publicado un buen análisis sobre la entrada de Cuba al Grupo de Río:
The implications of Cuba’s new relationship with the Rio Group remain to be seen, but it appears that Latin America has begun to slowly and steadily challenge Washington’s leadership role in the hemisphere. While the region may not be high up on President Obama’s priority list, the president would be wise to recognize these changes and adjust U.S. policy accordingly, allowing for a more cooperative atmosphere instead of one in which the United States acts as a hemispheric policeman turned by issues which have prevented him from doing an honest job. Hopefully Washington’s policymakers will heed the words of Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorin, who recently declared, “U.S. foreign policy towards Latin America goes through Cuba.”
Para leer el texto completo, pinche aquí.
Fotografía: campo de golf, Cuba.

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